Mum & Bub Skincare Bundle Hamper

Mum and Bub's Skincare Bundle is here to give you the essentials for every new mum!  Nourish your growing tummy with moisturising massages and keep baby's skin soft, clean and prevent nappy rash!

This set includes:

  • Mumma's Moisturiser 250mL
  • Mumma's Oil 100mL
  • Bubba's Moisturiser 250mL
  • Bubba's Massage Oil 100mL
  • Bubba's Wash 250mL
  • Bubba's Barrier Cream 100mL


Our products contain natural and naturally derived ingredients perfect for mum and baby!
Focusing on scientifically proven ingredients like Borage Seed Oil for baby skin (AMAZING for cradle cap) and pomegranate and Vitamin E for mums, that can help improve skin elasticity and stretch marks during pregnancy and postpartum! 

What do they smell like? 

Mumma's Oil and Mumma's Moisturiser - Lavender and Frankincense
Bubba's Massage Oil and Bubba's Moisturiser - Lavender and Ylang Ylang
Bubba's Wash - Mandarin and Cucumber
Bubba's Barrier Cream - Fragrance Free