Bencer & Hazelnut

Little Bunny Bodysuit/Tee - Mushroom Frill

This collection is estimated to ship by the end of March. 
This is an estimate only, we will do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible. 
Please note by purchasing you are agreeing to our terms & conditions, preorder agreement and exchange/refund policy, please consider if suitable to your needs prior to purchasing.

Preorder agreement; 
I understand this collection is due to ship at a later date with an estimated arrival of end of March. I understand this is an estimate only & Little Soldiers will do their best to get my order shipped as soon as possible. 
I understand by placing an order I am agreeing to the prerorder agreement and all terms & conditions including refund policy.

Please see all sizing information on each item, however generally we would suggest sticking to your usual sizing. Items are all true to size.

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