BIBS Dummies

BIBS Dummies - Twin Pack, Size 2 (6-18m) Colours*

We are delighted to bring you BIBS Dummies, the well known essential pacifier. 

BIBS pacifiers are a highly loved pacifier with a natural soft latex shape cherry teat. The teat has been designed to mimic the mothers breast and is thereby recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding and soothing your little one. 

Buy Bibs Dummies Size 1

When it comes to baby essentials, you don’t get much more essential than the dummy. A pacifier is one of the most important things that you should have on hand as a new mom and BIBS Pacifiers are the top of our list. We’ve found that babies that don’t naturally take to dummies are more likely to take to BIBS range, as their shape naturally mimics the shape of the nipple—making it easier and more satisfying for little ones to latch onto.


What are BIBS Size 1 Dummies?

BIBS is a Danish brand that has been a favourite of moms and tots since the 80s. Their products are carefully designed and manufactured with babies of all ages in mind. Their headquarters are in Hillerød, North of Copenhagen in Denmark. We love that their high-quality pacifiers are affordable too, which offers excellent value for money.

BIBS dummies are 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalates free and have a 100% natural rubber teat, which means they are completely safe for your little one. BIBS dummies have a range of different aspects that make them our favourite choice of pacifier.


No one dummy fits all and BIBS have taken years to develop the best fit dummies for kids of different ages. This BIBS dummy size 1 and is perfect for newborn to six months. We stock a range of sizes so that you can upgrade to a larger size as your baby grows.

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