Bib Smock - Pink Elephant

The Smibs bib-smock is an innovative way to protect your children's clothing from getting dirty while maintaining a healthy appetite. Smibs allows a baby to experiment with textures of food without the mess!

Smibs have good coverage and are cleverly designed so that they fit snug around the middle bar and or straps of high chairs.
Velcro locking top & bottom enables quick, easy & secure placement of the Smib.

This unique design is made with poly cotton front, which is of thick texture so food won’t easily soak through onto clothes and Terry towelling back for baby comfort. With Smibs high quality fabric selection which is easy to clean, and a one size fits all design they provide wonderful value.

Smibs cater for boys & girls from size 0-4 (one size fits all) with three gorgeous colours and prints to choose from.

Each piece is handmade in Australia.

Note: Smibs are to be worn for intended purposes only under adult supervision at all times. Keep away from heat and fire.

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