Mutineer Miniatures

Mutineer Miniatures is a relatively new venture, producing a superb range of 28mm scale figures depicting soldiers of the 19th Century's colonial wars. These accurate, beautifully sculpted figures are sold as multiples in blister packs (the listings below show the number in each pack,) while field guns are sold individually as multi-part kits.

New Releases!
All these new packs are fully in stock, and available for immediate shipping. 

MUT09 Elephant with Command in Howdah

Indian Command Elephant. Can be used as a majestic mount for Tantia Topi, Nana Sahib, Bahadur Shah or any of his three sons. 

The Command unit consists of a Commander, Bodyguard Rifleman, Mahout Driver, and all the pieces to built the Howdah.

EIC09 Marching British In regulation dress (4 poses)

EIC10 Highlander command
1 x Officer in feather bonnet 
1 x Piper in Feather bonnet with sunshade 
1 x Standard bearer in Feather bonnet 
1 x Sergeant

These figures depict the 79th but could be any of the highland regiments that wore the feather bonnet and kilt in campaign dress. The 79th changed to the smock top after arriving in India. They dyed their white tops and the local shop responsible for dying the tops turned them a light blue indigo colour. There are many references to this unit and its brightly coloured tops.

EIC11 Highland infantry (4 advancing poses)

These depict the 79th but could be any of the regiments that wore the feather bonnet and kilt.

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